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AOI is the revolutionary Innovation in Wellness Technology that bolsters the body's inherent capacity for self-healing

Technology in a nutshell

Our technology harnesses the power of the PranaPulse-Code, a unique 528hz light and sound program that has been developed over 20 years of research into ancient healing modalities and cultures like Reiki, Shiatsu, and Acupuncture. This program targets all energetic pathways (meridians) throughout the body surface in a unified way, releasing old cellular memory and the origins of limiting patterns. By transmitting nutrient information in the form of light into the body, our technology nourishes you at the molecular level, allowing for more energy to be available for healing and maintenance of peak health. Experience the transformative power of AOI’s technology today!

Benefit from a 360-degree cellular rejuvenation effect

Our AOI 360 degree cellular rejuvenationTM technology delivers a comprehensive range of life-changing benefits, resulting in a holistic improvement of mental, energetic, and emotional health. By supplying the DNA with nutrients in the form of photons, our technology enables cellular rejuvenation that is tailored to the specific needs of your body.

What clients say about us

Enji Yassin
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It's like stepping into Narnia
This is a very unique experience and very effective. I've done 9 sessions in the machine so far over a period of 2 weeks or so and already my life is shifting. Physically my body feels stronger and some chronic pains have dissipated. Mentally I feel more inspired and motivated.
Sofia Hemadou
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UNIQUE EXPERIENCE I was 1st guided to try the AOI by my dear friend who tried it herself. I naturally wanted to experience it. And I must say the sessions are all unique and beautiful; to my opinion. I have already done few sessions and everytime it's a travel happening or a release of some sort. I am guided to follow the flow of my body which synchronises with the sound and light and creates healing at a certainlevel. I have let go of a lot of density and i am more aligned. This improvement reflects positively on my emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I recommend anyone to try this experience if you are ready to embark on CREATING YOUR NEW SELF. Happy journey!
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My experience I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a light and sound session with AOI, and I have to say, it was truly a transformative experience. From the moment I stepped into the room, I could feel a sense of calm and peaceful energy surrounding me. As the session began, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to fully surrender to the experience. The combination of the soothing sounds and the gentle, pulsing lights was incredibly powerful, and I could feel my body and mind being transported to a state of deep relaxation. But it wasn't just relaxation that I experienced - I felt uplifted and energized, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was as if all the stress and tension that had been building up inside me was being cleared away, leaving space for positive energy and emotion to flow in. It's been a while since I've been able to reach this kind of state of being, and I'm grateful to AOI for helping me get there so easily and quickly. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I'm excited to see how this newfound sense of lightness and clarity will impact my life moving forward. If you're looking for a powerful, transformative experience, I highly recommend checking out AOI's light and sound sessions. I know I'll definitely be continuing my own journey with them.
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10 Hours. Exceptional Results for me. What AOI was able to give me, that other modalities were not, is the look and the feeling of coming back from a long relaxing holiday. I did 10 x 1 hours sessions over 2 weeks. I feel lighter, things that used to bother me don't anymore, I am getting comments from people telling me I look great now (fuller face, not tired drained looking), movements in my body feel freer and imbalance is hips is almost all gone. I have a background in and work with clients who have experienced complex trauma which can be intense. I have done a lot of work on myself and AOI was able to clear and increase my energy. Before I decided to go ahead I did my own research on Low Level Light therapy (legitimate). If you have been doing a lot of work, especially using alternative therapies you will be open enough to do it and get a shift. I would recommend doing it daily.

Johny Dar, Founder of AOI

“AOI is the answer to people's thirst for reconnection with themselves. It is a gift that frees you from old hangups, allowing you to embrace a new you and achieve the dreams that come with it..”

Johny Dar is a multi-talented individual who explores various forms of artistic expression, including fine art, fashion, music, and multimedia. As an artist, designer, novelist, musician, director, and inventor, he is at the forefront of creating new and original art forms.

Unique Methodology


A program based on millennia-old medical modalities for regulating energy flows called PranaPulse-code



LED therapy delivering the 7 light rays and optionally infrared light


A new approach to sound healing in modern music called Liquid Gold by Johny Dar


Deep Dive

Science of light

At AOI we believe that light is under-utilised as a means of treating disease, and that red light therapy only scratches the surface. Science has shown that each colour emitting light is identifiable within a specific range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies, and their respective wavelengths and photon energies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Each of the 7 colours can penetrate the body at a different depth, impacting different cells inside different organs, and certain parts of the cells more than others – even responding to certain pigments of these cells/tissues. The intensity of the light that is emitted and the timing of exposure are additional factors that act on these previous variables.



Meridians, an ancient concept rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, are known as channels or pathways that flow throughout the human body, acting as conduits for the vital energy known as Qi. These pathways are fundamental to a wide range of traditional Chinese practices, including acupuncture, acupressure, and qigong.

The twelve primary meridians, which are linked to specific organs like the lungs, liver, and kidneys, form an intricate network of energy flow that runs through the entire body. These pathways also heavily influence the body’s bio-photon emissions. By accessing and manipulating the various acupuncture points along these pathways, practitioners aim to restore balance and harmony to the body, thereby promoting overall well-being.

The age-old practices of acupuncture, acupressure, and qigong have been integrated into our PranPulse-Code program that our devices perform. Our cutting-edge LED equipment, utilizing the seven frequencies of light, allows for the simultaneous stimulation of all meridian points in a harmonious way. This helps to open all energy pathways, and facilitate overall wellness.


Your DNA emits billions of light particles known as bio-photons every second. In a pitch-dark room, you would be glowing with light. Scientists in Japan made a groundbreaking discovery in 2009 when they measured the photon emission of a subject in a dark room using highly sensitive cameras. They also found that the emitted photons communicate with each other in a structured light field called the bio-photon field that surrounds the body.

Every photon in this field carries information about what’s happening in your DNA and gathers information from other photons, transmitting it to light-conductive molecules called tubulin in your connective tissue. These molecules then carry the information inside each cell at the speed of light, activating or deactivating certain metabolic enzymes.

With AOI’s ultra-precursor approach, we are now able access the function and frequency of our bio-photon field to enhance cellular communication, unlocking new levels of performance and vitality. By using light to supercharge biology, we are able to upgrade the body’s systems and promote optimal well-being.

Access your transformative flow state, today.

First time ? What to expect.

Different lengths of sessions are offered:

45 minutes: Allows more time to relax into that meditative experience for a deeper rejuvenating effect and longer lasting benefits.

60 minutes: Offers maximum rejuvenation for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Resulting in deeply healing, energizing, and balanced experiences. Can significantly contribute to the healing of emotional trauma.

The AOI devices are a private one-on-one experience. Patients are asked to stand or lay inside, while light and sound is delivered to all body surfaces. It is advised to expose as much skin as you can for optimal treatment application. Wearing makeup isn’t an issue. After the session, users are invited to relax, hydrate, and integrate their experience.

The regularity of AOI sessions can vary based on individual needs and goals. Usually users undergo intensive care for a week to a couple weeks. And then follow up with one or two weekly sessions to maintain the desired state of optimal health they have achieved. However, this is not a requirement. Users can attend however they choose, at their convenience.

The experiences has been created to help reset, preserve, and restore youthful vitality. Reverse all aspects of biological aging, activate the body’s innate organic intelligence to heal itself, releasing cellular memory, repairing damaged DNA.

Physical Benefits:

– Enhancing energy and vitality

– Reducing pain and inflammation

– Assist in the elimination of heavy metal

– Promoting collagen production for healthier hair, nails, and skin

– Regulating sleep

Cognitive benefits:

– Improving cognitive function

– Increasing mental motivation, endurance, and productivity

– Enhancing mood, concentration, and alertness

– Decreasing anxiety and depression through lowering cortisol levels

Spiritual Benefits:

– Help people that can never meditate to meditate

– Improving emotional well-being and promoting self-healing

– Clears your aura from toxic energies and expand your energetic field

– Expanding self awareness

The music, combined with the light, has a powerful relaxing effect. All users report entering a meditative state that clears their minds and relaxes their bodies. This state of comfort allows for the emergence and exploration of subconscious thoughts, ideas, needs, and issues, which can be observed comfortably at will.

Pro tip: the more patients choose to let go, relax their bodies and surrender to their meditation, the more their bodies release their self-healing potential for lasting positive effects.

AOI’s Rejuvenation experience is extremely safe and does not involve any drugs or invasive procedures. It is certified by European standards (CE, ISO9001:2015 – ISO2014/30/EU – ISO2014/35/EU) offering quality and safety as a non-invasive treatment protocol. However, individuals with known epilepsy and photosensitivity should consult their doctor prior to beginning LED therapy to discuss potential risks.

For a small proportion of individuals, there may be a very low risk of short-term dizziness, mild headaches, skin or eye irritations associated with the use of Red Light rays utilized in LED therapy. Individuals with serious psychological conditions should only use LED therapy under therapeutic supervision.

AOI’s Rejuvenation experience is generally safe for most people, but pregnant women should not use it without consulting with their doctor first. While there is no evidence that it is harmful to pregnant women, it is always recommended to consult with a medical professional before undergoing forms of healing modalities during pregnancy.


Designed to make humanity healthy and powerful.

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